Creative essay writing hooks.

Being creative means being different, one-of-a-kind and original. Creativity is a skill that all the teachers/professors/instructors try to develop in their students. Why do you think they assign you so many essays, courseworks, reports and other papers? For the very same reason – they seek your individuality, expect your original thoughts and ideas and want you to become model citizens who contribute greatly to the society. Of course, it’s hard to be original, as it seems that everything has been already written, every single fact has been discussed and all the discoveries have been made. This is the main reason students feel desperate and lost when they get the creative writing assignments. Now dear freshmen and newbie writers, use your full concentration when reading the following creative essay writing hooks, as you will use them during all the student years and beyond.

First and foremost, know your audience. All the preparation, the style of your writing and success of your essay depend on this. Imagine that you are your reader, and ask yourself a question – what would I like to read about? What information would be useful for me? Once you mull over these points, the original topic and the plot should already be in your mind.

Good, now we have what to write about. The next question is – how to do that effectively? Keep your reader interested up to the final dot. Never give him all the answers from the very beginning, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. The intriguing and catchy introductory sentences are 50% of your success. Compare these 2 sentences: “It was an awful morning” and “Like Robinson Crusoe, I opened my eyes this morning with the feeling that another day is going to be the same to the day before – common feeling for every office worker”. While the first one sounds like “bla-bla-bla” stuff, the second one is rather informative and triggers the reader. I would continue reading the text that starts with the second sentence for sure!

Concentrate on what you write, and never let something bother you. When you write, no other thoughts, except for your text, should appear in your mind. Turn off your favorite TV or radio show, forget about friends, your girlfriend and relatives – you are an orphan with no past while writing and your text is the only thing that keeps you alive. You write it or die – that’s the attitude I’m talking about.

Another thing to remember – interact with your readers. The reader should feel the way you want him to feel, you set the rules – make them obey! Be emotional – make your reader cry, smile, suffer, laugh – anything according to your purpose. Remember – you are committed to what you write and fully responsible for all the consequences.

A creative writer should never listen to the opinions of others – you are the master to yourself, give zero attention to what the others say about your writing. People are all different, and not everyone will get your message. Do you need to listen to all that subjective crap others say? Of course not! Your text will find its reader without all the mumbling and criticism.

The last and probably the most important thing – never give up. Try again and again, strive for it, fall and rise, go up and down – this is what being a creative writer is. No pain, no gain. Hope these hooks will become your writing bible. You are all set – now go go go!