On essay assignments

An essay is neither a diary nor a blog. It’s not something that you can pile your random thoughts in. For one thing, it requires a structured or well constructed discussion that follows some customary rules in writing an academic paper. Though essay writing is a type of school assignment given to students to get their insights on the topics or subjects discussed in class, not all ideas must be included into this written material. It has to be relevant to the topic, and more importantly, in alignment to the expectations of the teacher who assigned the essay writing task. I, for one, struggle at making my essays sound ‘academic’. I often find it challenging to type my essay as my thoughts flow, because in the end, after I have am done editing my work, I realize that most of the things I included in my essay were irrelevant—so much for “hard work pays”.

To type one’s essay is to tap into one’s insights and skills on organizing these insights into a formal written paper. It demands skills that enable a student to articulate his thoughts and level of understanding regarding the topic assigned for the essay writing assignment. No idea is too big or too small when it comes to essay writing. The real issue is on how to organize these ideas in such a way that the whole paper will meet the requirements set by the teacher behind the assignment.

My problem with essay writing

Native speaker or not, all students face their own challenges in expressing their ideas using the English language. Although most cultures think that native English speakers have it the easier way, it is not always the case. Just like other students across and beyond the Atlantic Ocean, English speaking students also need to follow the customary rules of grammar, punctuation use, and format in writing essays. In my case, I tend to be caught up with these rules when I type my essay. Many times, I tend to lose my momentum in writing my essay because I often stop and think if my grammar is all good—or not. And once I stop, I tend to fuss over my paper and forget all the brilliant ideas I had when I was typing the first words in my essay.

Another classic problem that I encounter when I type my essay is the need to complete that essay on top of the other essay assignments I have. Many times, I race mind into thinking how exactly can I finish three or more essays from my other subjects on the same week? Most of the students get caught up with multiple essay writing assignments because their other teachers or course instructors decide to use essay assignments as part of their students’ final requirements. Looking at student essay as a way to gauge the actual learning gained by each student in the class, students often find themselves busy doing multiple research for multiple research assignments.

If only I can find someone who can type my essay for me, I can really focus on dealing with the essays that I can manage to finish—and have someone handle those that I can no longer write with the same level of care and attention to detail when asked to type my essay for me.

What should I do?

Remember when you were a child and you can freely ask your parents to jump in and help you with your homework during those times when you really don’t know what to do? Assignments that demand that I type my essay are no different. When I am at a loss of words, I often seek the advice of my parents of the angles, ideas or even insights that I can add into my essay discussion.

Brainstorming with my classmates and friends also help me draw ideas and things to discuss in my essay. Somehow, having discussions with people my age and level of grasp or understanding to the assigned essay topic helps me look at the essay assignment in a whole new light. Somehow, our small brainstorming sessions and mini discussions help correct my misconceptions about the issues or topic that my essay was to discuss.

Little did I know that there are individuals who offer services such as to type my essay for me. In times when I am to handle more than three critical essays in a period of one week, I tend to seek help from these individuals. Although the materials I ask them to write is at par with my expectations, I tend to do final revisions on them—adding some emphasis and thought on areas that needed some tweaks and strengthening the arguments of those that the writer left kind of weak in logic.

How can I find such typing service?

Finding a writer to type my essay for me is certainly a discreet business so it is not one of those things that you can simply ask around for an advice or information. Expect many people to disagree with you on this—this is the very same thing that happened to me. So at your own private time, use your browser to look for companies and individuals who are willing to do your essay for a cost you can afford. Well, you don’t expect good stuff to be free right?

In search of a good essay writer, Googled my way to a company who not only gave me excellent materials, but also did it way before our set deadline. They also went through the trouble of making sure that the essay I ordered follows the specific requirements that my class had, which means minimal revisions and adjustments on my part.

Is it the best thing to do?

If you ask me if paying someone to type my essay for me is wrong, the bottom line is that I want to accomplish my long list of task within the time and energy that I have. I am no different from the other diligent students out there. I strive to do what needs to be done with the time that I was given. Somehow, school is not just about books, attending classes, library work and exams. I’d like to think that learning how to make things happen under seemingly impossible circumstances—that’s one valuable lesson I am learning to do. More importantly, I learned to ask help whenever it is deemed necessary.

But before I resort to get help with my writing, I evaluate my to-do list and include as much tasks as I can humanly complete. For those I really can’t manage to deliver on time—go figure. Though these essays are not originally authored by me, I make it a point to read, polish and give it a little tweak here and there, which allow me to still work on it—with as much time I can spare to get it done right.